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Month: April 2018
China and India

China and India to maintain border peace

The Statement issued during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China has outlined proposals to maintain transparent communication and peace maintenance along the Indo Chinese border. This statement comes amidst a history of disharmony among the two neighboring countries since the border war in 1962. The visit is perceived to be an attempt to […]

Blue Origin

Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos is preparing for a rocket launch

Alongside Aerospace services giant SpaceX, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ venture Blue Origin is picking up pace in commercial Space Exploration, evident from the prospective Sunday launch of its New Shepard rocket, which carried a dummy to space previously. The two companies are vying to carry humans into outer space with SpaceX having the advantage of […]

NASA lunar rover

NASA terminates lunar rover mission

NASA has aborted its last lunar rover mission, the Resource Prospector which was designed for research on human life sustenance on the moon. Insufficient project funding and commercial exploration plans are cited to be the termination causes. The decision was met with disdain from Lunar Exploration Scientists who have appealed for reconsideration. According to NASA, […]

North Korea

North Korea to shut down its Nuclear test site in May

Following the already announced termination of North Korea’s nuclear testing program, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has expressed consent towards complete denuclearization in a statement jointly issued with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Kim is reported to have conveyed no nuclear attack intentions and has also announced the alignment of Korean time zones. US […]


Subway is shutting down 500 Stores in the U.S.

Subway, one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world hit turbulence in the recent years owing to intense competition from other players in the market. As a turnaround plan, Subway is planning to close about 500 stores in the U.S. resulting in lesser footprint than before, but better profit margins. The restaurant […]


Saudi security forces shot down a toy drone

Saudi Arabian security forces shot down a remote-controlled drone flying over a restricted area in the Palace of Riyadh.  Online videos showing gunfire in the neighbourhood have prompted political unrest in the country and have raised questions on the whereabouts of King Salman who was not in the palace. Hence, the officials have plans afoot to […]

Serzh Sargsyan

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigns

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, accused of acquiring power after his decade-long Presidential service, resigned his post on Monday due to the widespread anti-government protests against the corrupt and authoritarian rule in Yerevan. The Former PM Karapetyan has taken charge of the interim. The opposition leader, Nikol Pashinyan who was released from detention has demanded […]

Paris attack rememberance

Abdeslam, the prime suspect of 2015 Paris attack get 20 year sentence

Salah Abdeslam, the prime suspect of 2015 Paris attack and his co-accused Sofian Ayari got a 20-year sentence in Brussels on 23rdApril, 2018 for firing at the officers who raided his residence. Four months after the attack, the Belgian Police arrested the 28-year-old Belgium born French-Moroccan radicalist and his Tunisian co-defendant. Both of them were […]


Starbucks in trouble again for a camera in the restroom

A Starbucks store in Atlanta is in trouble as a 25-year-old customer notified the manager-on-duty about a camera installed in the baby care room on Tuesday. The device had an hour-long recorded video of 8-10 men and women using the restroom. The police investigation is on-going and the authorities have confirmed that the video was […]

William and Kate

Britain’s Prince William and Kate welcome their newborn baby

Britain’s Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third new-born delivered at Lindo Wing in St. Mary’s Hospital, London on 23rdApril. The little price, weighing around 8lbs, 7oz is the fifth in line for the British throne following his grandfather Charles, father William, brother George and sister Charlotte. The Royalty of Kensington Palace, […]