Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020
Category: News

The same app problem that doomed Windows, now on Huawei

First time in nine years Huawei steals the show, leading the market other than Samsung or Apple. It is now the world’s largest smartphone maker in terms of shipments, which suggests the Chinese tech firm surpassed rival Samsung in Q2 2020, albeit mostly due to its domestic sales in China. Nevertheless, Huawei’s future in the […]

Japan looks to ban Chinese apps, after India & US

As per the first report given to the Japanese national broadcaster NHK, the lawyers shared common concerns as officials in the US and India that their domestic user data could end up in the hands of Beijing and planned to submit the proposal to the Japanese government as early as September seeking to restrict the […]

Slack files antitrust complaint over Microsoft in EU !

Accusing the tech giant Microsoft of unfairly bundling its rival Teams product with its cloud-based productivity suite, workplace instant messaging platform Slack filed an antitrust complaint. The Commission’s competition division confirmed receipt of the complaint: “We confirm that we received a complaint by Slack against Microsoft.”Slack accuses Microsoft of illegally abusing its market power by […]

Swiss Cities can’t impose fee for e-bike sharing, Court favours BOND Mobility!

City of Zurich’s Governor’s office has approved an appeal by the company BOND mobility, against the obligation to permit and pay fees for the “free-floating” E-bike sharing system.  Hence, the office follows the augmentation of BOND Mobility that high quality, stationless E-bike sharing system does not represent “increased public use” and is not subject to […]

Co-founders of SoundCloud launch e-bike subscription in Berlin

SoundCloud’s co-founders launched a new electric bike subscription service called Dance, in Berlin. The invite-only program includes delivery, maintenance and theft protection, which is the latest service designed to capitalize on the e-bike boom by shifting toward a model similar to a Netflix or Spotify for transportation. Dance is hoping to address concerns on hard […]

Driver-less permit for AutoX in California

Backed up by Alibaba, the autonomous vehicle startup AutoX has been granted a permit in California, to begin driverless testing on public roads in a limited area in San Jose. This permit will allow them to test their vehicles without a human safety driver behind the wheel. After Waymo, this is the third company to […]

$26 M raised for car subscription marketplace, UK based Drover

Drover, the UK based Startup provides access to flexible car subscriptions for private users – longer than a typical rental, shorter than a lease or purchase, and easy to shorten or extend as needed. They have picked up £20.5 million ($25.7 million) in a round of funding co-led by Target Global, RTP Global and Autotech Ventures. […]

High profile Twitter accounts hacked to spread a cryptocurrency scam

Apple, Elon Musk, Joe Biden and high profile Twitter accounts with millions of followers were hacked on Wednesday by attackers who used the accounts to spread a cryptocurrency scam. These accounts posted a message promoting an address of a bitcoin wallet claiming that any amount sent will be doubled and sent back. It is reported […]

$10 billion “Digitization fund” for India, by Google

Marking it’s biggest commitment to a key growth market through equity investments, Alphabet’s Google Today announced that it will spend around $10 billion in India over the next five to seven years. Google’s focus highlighting the rapid growth pace of apps and software platforms in India, the investments will be done through a “digitization fund”, […]

AI industry to be rebuilt on Anti-colonialism, DeepMind Researchers propose!

Researchers posit that without historical context, conversations about power are incomplete and power is at the heart of ethics, recognizing the structural legacy of colonialism that continues to inform power dynamics today. Google’s DeepMind and The University of Oxford recommend that AI practitioners draw on decolonial theory to reform the industry to put principles into […]