Tuesday, 4 Aug 2020
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Apple sued for $1.43 billion by China’s Xiao for Siri AI infringement

Xiao-i has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging it has infringed on Xiao-i’s patents, considering Xiao-i known as the Chinese artificial intelligence company – Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology. Xiao-i demands that Apple cease “manufacturing, using, promising to sell, selling, and importing” products that infringe on the patent and is calling for 10 billion yuan […]

The same app problem that doomed Windows, now on Huawei

First time in nine years Huawei steals the show, leading the market other than Samsung or Apple. It is now the world’s largest smartphone maker in terms of shipments, which suggests the Chinese tech firm surpassed rival Samsung in Q2 2020, albeit mostly due to its domestic sales in China. Nevertheless, Huawei’s future in the […]

Japan looks to ban Chinese apps, after India & US

As per the first report given to the Japanese national broadcaster NHK, the lawyers shared common concerns as officials in the US and India that their domestic user data could end up in the hands of Beijing and planned to submit the proposal to the Japanese government as early as September seeking to restrict the […]

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Responsible RPA during the Covid- 19 Era

Major changes in business operations since March has brought about by the shift to a remote workforce and the need for social distancing, which denotes that automation of business processes will likely become even more critical for the days to come. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in particular, designed to reduce the burden of repetitive and […]

Drivers sue Uber on secret profiling and automated decision making

Uber drivers in Europe are taking the company court on “profiling and automated decision making” by the ride-hailing agent. The drivers are to sue the company in an attempt to gain access to more of the personal data Uber collects on them, as permitted by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to gain […]

Mimicking & Imitation learning of animal behaviors by Humanoid Robot movement

Since Hond’s release of the ASIMO robot in 2000, humanoid robots have greatly improved their ability to perform functions like grasping objects and using computer vision to detect things. However, motions as fluidly as human such as walking, jumping and other complex legged motions has continued to be a challenge for roboticists, despite the improvements. […]

Driver-less permit for AutoX in California

Backed up by Alibaba, the autonomous vehicle startup AutoX has been granted a permit in California, to begin driverless testing on public roads in a limited area in San Jose. This permit will allow them to test their vehicles without a human safety driver behind the wheel. After Waymo, this is the third company to […]

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Future Trends for AI assistants- Google & Amazon

At Venture Beat’s Transform 2020 AI conference, Barak Turovsky – Google AI Director of product and Prem Natarajan – Amazon Head of product & VP of Alexa AI and NLU team spoke about the future trends for AI assistants. Prem said, Business and developers making conversational AI experiences should start with the understanding that you’re […]

AI industry to be rebuilt on Anti-colonialism, DeepMind Researchers propose!

Researchers posit that without historical context, conversations about power are incomplete and power is at the heart of ethics, recognizing the structural legacy of colonialism that continues to inform power dynamics today. Google’s DeepMind and The University of Oxford recommend that AI practitioners draw on decolonial theory to reform the industry to put principles into […]

IDnow Immunity passports is now heading to The UK

IDnow, the German identity verification firm has created a system called the immunity passports to identify people, who have recovered from Covid-19. They revealed that they are in talks with the British Government making their way to the UK and is already used to verify customers for fintech companies such as N26 and Fidor scanning […]