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Month: June 2018
Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett wanted to invest $3B into Uber

Warren Buffett’s proposal of investing $3 billion in Uber Technologies Inc. fell apart due to disagreements over the terms and size of the deal. Under the proposed agreement, Berkshire Hathaway would have provided a convertible loan to Uber that would have protected Buffett’s investment during financial difficulty. During negotiations, Uber Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi proposed […]


Oculus launches Venues app for Oculus Go and Gear VR

As part of American technology company Oculus VR’s push to make Virtual Reality both a social experience and a medium that goes beyond gaming, the company is launching a platform for live entertainment experiences called Oculus Venues. It is centered on delivering live events and concerts like a streaming TV service, but in VR. The […]